Zaragoza Tramway (Spain)

Maintenance of the Zaragoza tramway power system (Spain)


60 months (Under development)


CAF Turnkey & Engineering is responsible for carrying out the activities of management and preventive and minor corrective maintenance (with immediate intervention) of the Zaragoza tram’s electrical system.

The service involves continuous support, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In addition, CAF Turnkey & Engineering has the support of its Engineering Department for the review and improvement of procedures and also for the study of failures and the proposal of improvements in the operation of the system.

The facilities to be maintained are as follows:

  • Traction substations (5).
  • Lower Energy System (SCIE).
  • LV electrical system at stops.
  • MV open ring (MV network).
  • Continuous power supply network.
  • Traction equipment in section of line and substations.
  • Tram catenary along the whole route (23 km double track).
  • Catenary for depots.
  • MV interlocking system.
  • Intertipping System between substations.
  • SCADA for power supply.
Project Pictures