Luxembourg Tramway (Luxembourg)

Luxembourg Tramway (Luxembourg)


48 months (Ongoing project)


CAF Turnkey & Engineering is responsible for the engineering and installation work, training, commissioning and warranty service (remote support service) for the 8 SCIE charging points along the 3,600 m of the Luxembourg tramway and at its depot.

The initial project involves providing the service for the operation of trams of 7 cars. However, in the future Luxtram expects to extend the operating capacity from 7 to 9 cars.

Therefore, the work of CAF Turnkey & Engineering will focus mainly on the correct implementation of the Lower Energy System within the overall Luxembourg Tramway Project, including:

  • 3 charging points – Section A
  • 4 charging points – Section B
  • 1 test charging point in the depot
  • Testing facilities in the factory
  • Supply and installation of the feeder for a 7-car configuration
  • PCC
  • Pre-installation of the feeder to power vehicles of 9 cars
  • Pre-installation of the housing/inspection boxes in the equipment corresponding to the 9-car configuration
Project Pictures