Comprehensive commitment
Comprehensive commitment

We are the CAF Group business unit which manages the development of comprehensive projects for sustainable mobility infrastructures. We design, build and integrate high capacity and performance transport systems under the turnkey scheme.

Experts in:

  • Comprehensive urban and interurban rail solutions.
  • E-bus and Electric Bus Rapid Transit (e-BRT) freight solutions in urban environments.

CAF T&E also comprises CMFS, our Mexican subsidiary which specialises in railway design and construction, and the British Engineering firm BWB, which specialises in urban development, environment and energy solutions.

We work together to bring all our knowledge, innovation and experience to address current and future mobility challenges in a safe, sustainable and fashion.

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Comprehensive Mobility Solutions how we work

How we work


1. We commit to all the different aspects of the project

We provide overall project management for urban and interurban mobility projects, applying a comprehensive approach throughout the life cycle.

2. We build relationships based on trust

From the outset through to turnkey delivery, we work with the client to adapt our project to their mobility strategy.

3. We guarantee the security of our solutions

We use a management system with techniques that guarantee both the security and cybersecurity of our services.

4. We use cutting-edge digital technology and innovations

We provide the most intelligent and sustainable mobility solution for the project.

5. We apply renewable energy in our solutions

We apply our green energy knowledge and skills to make infrastructures sustainable.


How we contribute to society


We believe that improved mobility should contribute to the sustainable development of the area where the transport operates. For this reason, our project work focuses on the following goals:

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Ensuring communities' living standards

Providing accessible, safe and reliable solutions which allow people to move around cities and interurban areas whilst also ensuring these solutions blend in.

Reduce the effects of climate change

Developing solutions to optimise energy efficiency and applying solar energy to power our facilities and depots.

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