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Kaohsiung Tram

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The Kaohsiung tram is the world's first fully catenary-free tram. The seaport city is the second largest in Taiwan.

The CAF Group executed this project by setting the first of the two stages of this project into service; a stage covering a total length of 30 km.

End customer and scope

Mass Rapid Transit Bureau Logo, Kaohsiung City (KMRT)

  • Design and construction: electrification, electricity supply, telecommunication, traffic control systems, SCSE (catenary-free electricity supply).
  • Project management, technical/construction/integration.
  • Tranvías Kaohsiung en parada
  • Depot Tranvía Kaohsiung
  • Tranvía Kaohsiung y tráfico
  • Mantenimiento Tranvía Kaohsiung
  • Depot tranvías
  • Tranvía saliendo de parada
8,6 km Of catenary free track

8,6 km
Of catenary free track

14 Stops


1 Depot


18 Urbos