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Circular Light Rail Kaohsiung

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The Kaohsiung tram is the world's first fully catenary-free tram. This city is home to Taiwan's second largest harbour.

CAF T&E has developed a superior energy capture system with the SIL-3 security level. In this way, 14 stations have been built along the 8.6 km track without catenary with this technology to adapt to the needs of customers.

End customer and scope

Mass Rapid Transit Bureau Logo, Kaohsiung City (KMRT)

  • Design and construction: electrification, electricity supply, telecommunication, traffic control systems, SCSE (catenary-free electricity supply).
  • Project management, technical/construction/integration.
  • Tranvías Kaohsiung en parada
  • Depot Tranvía Kaohsiung
  • Tranvía Kaohsiung y tráfico
  • Mantenimiento Tranvía Kaohsiung
  • Depot tranvías
  • Tranvía saliendo de parada
8,6 km Catenary free track

8,6 km
Catenary free track

14 Stops


1 Depot


18 Urbos