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Liege Tram

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The Liege tram is the backbone of the Belgian city. This project aims to provide a solution to the current traffic problems and also to facilitate access to public transport.

CAF T&E has been working on this project since 2019 as part of the Tram’Ardent consortium together with COLAS Rail and DIF. The project consists of: the design, construction, supply of rolling stock, financing and maintenance of a tram transport system for a term of 31 years.

End customer and scope

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  • Design and construction: power supply and telecommunication systems.
  • Project management, technical / construction / integration.
  • Operation and maintenance: maintenance management of the entire system.
12 km Tram line construction

12 km
Tram line construction

21 Stops


1 Depot


3 km Of catenary-free track

3 km
Of catenary-free track

20 Urbos