El Salvador El Salvador

Armenia Stage 1-2

Solar Energy

This is a ground-mounted solar photovoltaic plant with a fixed structure and a 46kV booster substation. The main goal of this project is to supply clean energy to the American Industrial Park Free Zone, which is owned by the client.

Any surplus energy produced is sold in the El Salvador "pool," helping to create a more environmentally friendly energy mix.

Year: 2020-2021

End customer and scope

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Installed capacity:
28.3 MWp

48.151 MWh/year

  • Detailed engineering.
  • Equipment supply.
  • Civil works.
  • Electromechanical assembly.
  • Connection.
33,706 T On a yearly basis
CO2 prevented

33,706 T
On a yearly basis

2,109,731 Trees
Purifying effect


39,965 Families per year
Electrical consumption

Families per year