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New South Wales Regionals: The steel structure for Mindyarra has been erected Despite the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, progress is still being made with regards to all aspects of the CAF T&E and CAF Group's regional rail project in Australia.

CAF T&E steel structure


Work on the Mindyarra Maintenance Centre in Dubbo (New South Wales) has proceeded to the construction stage with the entire steel structure erected, the roofing of the workshop area completed and work begun on the workshop area.

The concreting works performed for the workshops and warehouses are almost finished, with progress also having been made on the underground drainage services and mixed services piping (CSR) despite weather-related disruptions. Work has also begun on the concrete block masonry on the retaining wall (RW01) and in the workshop and storage areas.

In terms of the progress made with the rolling stock, the production of the 1st long regional unit is on schedule at the Beasain factory.

New South Wales Regionals - Mindyarra

After completing the installation of the steel structure, work began in the workshop area