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The Public Works Agency of the Andalusia Government has awarded CAF Turnkey & Engineering (CAF T&E) the Power and Electrification Maintenance Contract for Granada Metropolitan Railway Network Line 1.

Granada Metropolitan


CAF T&E will maintain the power and electrical infrastructure of this Light Metro system for three years. The contract consists of the maintenance of:

  • Traction substations.
  • Power supply substations.
  • Catenary on a double track of more than 15km.
  • Low voltage installations at the 26 stations making up the tramway.

A monitoring system will also be fitted to record line electrical measurements for detailed mapping of the railway system's energy flows, consumption and losses. This solution will facilitate proposing specific energy efficiency measures and calculating investment returns for each proposal.

This system is similar to the one CAF T&E has already rolled out on the Zaragoza tram system, which has provided satisfactory results