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The first of the solar panels have been installed in the new Regional Rail Project’s Mindyarra Maintenance Centre being built in Dubbo, New South Wales.

Desarrollo e implementación de la arquitectura Railway Smart Grid


More than 3,400 panels are being installed on various roofing locations in the facility, mainly concentrated on the roof of the main building.

To date, over 1,100 panels have been installed on the southern roof of the main building as well as the necessary mounting rails used to support the panels and the electrical cabling connecting the panels to the inverters.

Once commissioned, the solar panels will generate at least 95% of the annual low voltage electricity consumption on site at the Mindyarra Maintenance Centre. The site currently purchases 100% GreenPower for electricity usage.

The new maintenance centre will maintain the new Regional Rail fleet manufactured by CAF Group.

Dubbo is a strategic regional city in New South Wales with regards to rail transportation.

Mindyarra Maintenance Centre is being built considering the Sustainable Development Agenda in terms of Water Conservation, Climate Action and Resilience, Towards Net Zero, Biodiversity Enhancement and Community Growth.