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CAF T&E adapts the Liège bus maintenance software to the new tramway that will run in the city in 2023.

Desarrollo e implementación de la arquitectura Railway Smart Grid


One of CAF T&E's virtues is our capacity to adapt to our customers’ requirements, and this is one example of such adaptation. A few weeks ago, our colleagues at CAF T&E presented the Main Courante Tram to the operator of the future Liège tram, TEC.

This is a software that our customer will use to record operating events whether they be accidents, strikes, vandalism, faults, etc. on their trams. As our client asked, we adapt the screen interface to a similar system that they already have for bus control, so that the operator’s working environment is familiar.

Unlike the Main Courante used for buses, the adapted version for the tram calls for the integration of the unified user login in the PCC, radio calls, file exchange with the logging system, and SCADA alarm reception. As the CAF T&E team that developed the system pointed out:

“The most complex aspect of developing this has been managing software that provides for communication with a lot of different pieces of applications (existing and new ones) at the same time. However, we have been able to overcome the issue successfully, learning a number of lessons from this process which can be applied in the future for similar cases".

This solution will allow TEC to track all incidents on a daily basis by creating events and then closing them upon completion. This system also automatically records the key data of a call in a form, making it easier for the operator to manage both the incident itself and the relevant reports. To achieve this solution, as CAF T&E employees pointed out:

"We have worked with the client so as to understand their requirements and work together to define which aspects must be considered in order to develop the solution".