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The canopies for the 16 future stations on the 12km line from Westmead to Carlingford have recently been installed.

Desarrollo e implementación de la arquitectura Railway Smart Grid


The canopies have been erected over two nights in order to reduce the impact of the works on local businesses.

The tram stops have been designed to integrate with existing streetscape, and many of them will feature public artwork on draught screens and integrated service cabinets.

In order to ensure user satisfaction prior to construction, a mock-up of the stop was set up and citizens and groups of people with specific needs were invited to guarantee ease of access for all. Following this consultation process, modifications were made to avoid congestions and facilitate people moving in the station.

In addition to project management, the CAF T&E team is working in the design and construction of the power supply, electrification, depot, signalling and telecommunications.

CAF T&E is engaged in the full project management of the Parramatta Light Rail project since 2019.