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The consortium made up by NTT Data, Amplia and CAF T&E has been awarded the contract for the development and implementation of the Railway Smart Grid architecture on a pilot line on one of the track sections of the Madrid-Levante line.

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This is one of the most ambitious R&D projects undertaken by ADIF in the field of energy efficiency and sustainability. The ultimate goal of the project is implementation of the first smart energy network installed on Spanish railway lines. Therefore, a more reliable and energy-efficient and, as a result, sustainable electricity supply is sought.

CAF T&E will be engaged in the development of this pilot project by managing all the work related to the supply of field equipment (substations) and simulation of traction consumption to create a digital twin of the grid, on the awarded track section.

This is the first project of these characteristics where CAF T&E will have the opportunity to apply in an actual, practical way all the knowledge gained since the Company started working in the field of Smart Grids in 2019.

CAF T&E will provide extensive experience in railway energy infrastructure, as well as in the simulation of traction consumption based on railway operation.

With this pilot test ADIF will benefit from enhancing knowledge about the grid consumption points, optimising operation, knowing the real state of the grid for asset maintenance, as well as optimising electricity billing relative to the evolution of the electricity market and the railway environment.

In addition, the project will allow real-time control of power flows and the reduction of energy capacity by potentially reducing electricity consumption through optimisation. This will result in a reduction of greenhouse gases associated with power consumption.

The works to be carried out by CAF T&E are scheduled to last 39 months and our team is expected to start working in May.

Adif presents the Smart Grids Project.